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Special Edition DUO

Special Edition DUO


We always dreamed of telling you a story from two perspectives and we spent months searching for a variety that could be shown like no other. Tabi is essentially a variety with a lot of character. A tall, strong plant with a surprising cup. The natural and honey processesing are key to add complexity and to spark an indescribable sensory contrast to this edition.


Laura Burgos

From the La Primavera farm, Laura's Tabi is the result of a process full of love, dreams and learning. This natural has an undeniable note of tropical citrus fruits, for us it was going back to childhood with the notes of passion fruit and peach. This coffee will have a creamy body and bright acidity in your cup. It is an honor for 94 Pueblos to roast such a beautiful coffee from Génova, Quindío.


Jorge Rojas

If you already enjoyed Jorge's coffees before, you know that when he arrived as a producer at 94 Pueblos, we did not want to let him go. Jorge surprises us with every lot. His Tabi honey is a gem, with deep notes of dark chocolate, caramel, yellow fruits, notes of spices, in your cup, his coffee will surprise you with a very balanced acidity and a silky body. La Roca State is a farm that has won international awards and is the pride of Planadas Tolima.



Your special edition comes again with our 94 Pueblos bag for Cold Brew. Here's the recipe!


1. Wash the cloth bag before use, only with water, never with soap.

2. Grind the amount you want to brew. We suggest a 1:10 ratio, which means that for every gram of coffee you will use 10 grams or milliliters (it is the same) of water.

3. Use coarse grind (looks like sea salt grains)

4. Find a glass container that can hold the water and the cloth bag with coffee, that has a lid and a wide mouth.

5. Insert the cloth bag with coffee and fill with filtrated water to the amount that you already calculated with the ratio above.

6. Leave your cold brew at room temperature or in the refrigerator for between 20-24 hours. Do not shake the container.

7. Take out the cloth bag and discard the coffee. Leave your Cold Brew in the refrigerator while you consume it. You can dilute it if the concentration is too dense. Try it with coconut milk, soda, orange juice, water or even your favorite liquor.

We'd love to try your recipe!


    Tabi Natural Laura

    Notes of passion fruit, peach, caramel, bright acidity, creamy body

    Tabi Honey Jorge

    Notes of dark chocolate, spices, cane, modulated acidity, silky body


    Tabi Natural Laura

    Génova, Quindío

    Tabi Honey Jorge

    Planadas, Tolima



    Tabi Natural Laura

    Tabi Honey Jorge

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    Each bag 200g

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