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With your contribution, we ensure school supplies and youth program materials in rural communities.

Every bag of coffee tells us the story of a family, a community, a country. The coffee process is complex and extensive. It begins in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people who live in remote rural areas in Colombia where access to education is limited. The most common barriers for the children attending those schools vary from the lack of rural teachers, the technology and connectivity gap, transportation, to the costs of school supplies.

A percentage of your purchase are designated to the rural school and programs where the coffee you have chosen comes from. 

Community Impact: About Us

Youth Birding Club

Cacique Candela

As the core of 94 Pueblos’ mission to support local education we are using part of our proceeds to help purchase some much needed supplies for this club, including binoculars, cameras, and drawing books. Thanks to you, these young birders will be better equipped to explore their “backyard” and surely be the future that will preserve and protect the natural habitat surrounding their community! 

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