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Natural Paisa Blend - 2 bags

Natural Paisa Blend - 2 bags

SKU: 94P-Natural

This extraordinary natural coffee is the result of the collective work of a community that has come together to specialize in each coffee process. In the hands of Hernando Tapasco, Q Processing Instructor and producer, and the Castaño family in La Linda's community, together they developed a unique production chain, in which each farm specializes in what they do best according to their location, infrastructure and knowledge. Thus, while some families harvest at 1,900 meters, other families ferment and dry the beans at lower elevations where microorganisms enrich the wonderful profile that you are about to discover.


You receive two bags of 12oz each, total 24oz 


    Notes: caramel, plum and dried fruits

    Variety: Castillo and red / yellow Caturra

    Elevation: 1.900 meters above sea level




    Medium roast


    Santuario, Risaralda - Colombia

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    You receive two bags of 12oz each, total 24oz 



    Two bags of 12oz each, total 24oz 

12 Ounces
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