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Extraordinary Women - 3 bags

Extraordinary Women - 3 bags

Diana Carmenza Ramirez
coffee grower

The beauty of the coffee-growing landscape of Guática, the pristine waters and stunning biodiversity, are the garden where Diana Carmenza and her family grow and process the coffee that you are about to enjoy. With floral, orange, blackberry, panela and chocolate notes, as well as a delicate, juicy and prolonged acidity, this blend of Castillo and Caturro tells the story of a woman connected to nature, with an exceptional knowledge of her coffee and a standard of unsurpassed quality.

Variety: Caturra

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1.920 m


    Notes: floral, orange, blackberry, brown sugar and chocolate, delicate, juicy and prolonged acidity.

    Variety: Caturra - Castillo

    Elevation: 1.900 meters above sea level




    Medium roast


    Vereda El Vergel, Finca Las Gaviotas

    Guática, Risaralda - Colombia


  • Shipping included

    You receive three bags of 250g each, a total of 750g/26oz



    3 Bags 750g/26.5oz

26.5 Ounces
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