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Fresh Colombian 
specialty coffee delivered to your door

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We are a US Pacific Northwest - Colombian family dedicated to finding the best specialty coffee and bringing it to you, freshly harvested and roasted. Our commitment is to quality, the stories behind the coffee producers and the education of children in the rural communities where we work.
When you buy coffee from our Pueblos, you will directly impact rural education.

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Directly buying from growers, designing profiles and roasting from origin.
We deliver to your doorstep, so you can enjoy it at home.

Working Coffee

Direct traded

We buy directly from Colombian farmers ensuring fair trade. Part of our profits also benefit rural education.

Crafted in origin

Crafted and roasted in small batches, we carefully design from the cup profile to the roasting curve to elevate the beauty of our green beans.

Directly delivered to you

Our coffees include the shipping! We work with FedEx to deliver from Colombia directly to your doorstep. Brew and enjoy the best specialty Colombian coffee at home.

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Colombia is the ideal coffee growing country

The heights of the Andes plus the diversity of tropical forests, allow over 500,000 Colombian families to craft a product that is well positioned worldwide.